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On this page, We have placed information related to how we deal with DMCA complaints. Read through to find any information you may require in this regard.  

If you feel that any work uploaded to the website Frebers has infringed a copyright, please contact us with all the necessary and relevant information and we will take any and all appropriate action.

We respect and protect third party copyright, as it is an important value for Frebers. We respond to all copyright infringement notifications aptly and take action in accordance with the established regulations.

Once we receive a notification claiming an infringement, we may remove the alleged infringing material and take any such further action that is necessary and/or appropriate.  Subsequently, we may contact the party that purportedly posted the infringing content. So as to provide them an opportunity to make a statement.

The copyright claim must include the following:

  • Signature of the person making the claim
  • Accurate and complete contact information of the person submitting the claim
  • Clear identification of the content for which infringement is suspected
  • Identification of the original content

In order to ensure compliance with copyright, Frebers will follow all the relevant procedures provided by regulations. Frebers will remove or disable access to infringing content as soon as possible. After we receive a proper notification complying with the conditions. Frebers may or may not send a confirmation about removal or disabling.

If the party against which you are claiming a copyright infringement is a repeat offender, you may present the relevant information so that Frebers can take an appropriate action against the party.

If the mentioned requirements are not fulfilled, the copyright infringement notification might not be valid.

Please, send your copyright infringement claims to

Reporting Abuse

Frebers has a zero tolerance approach towards abusive content. To report abuse please send in an email at describing the issue with clarity.